6 Habits That Damage Your Kidneys


The kidneys perform many important roles in the body, including the removal of blood out of toxins and urinary waste. That's why it is really important for you to lower the chances of kidney failure and replace them by breaking those bad habits.

6 most common habits that can seriously harm your kidneys.

1. Not drinking enough water.

Hydrated remains make your kidneys generate urine so that your body can expel salt and toxins. Does it cause severe health conditions such as excruciating kidney stones if you do not drink enough water daily? For most individuals, 1.5-2 liters of water a day is adequate to sustain the kidneys healthy. And don't forget that it's all plain water that doesn't count other beverages.

2. Keeping your bladder full for a prolonged time.

The shortage of time to drain your bladder is one of the primary causes of kidney disorders. If you always fight the need to pee, your urine sits in your bladder for a long time and bacteria tend to spread even more easily. This will potentially lead to extreme complications such as kidney and urinary incontinence.

3. Sitting Still.

The emergence of kidney failure has now been associated with sitting for long periods. While researchers also do not know whether or how sedentary or physical exercise specifically impacts the wellbeing of the kidney. More physical exercise, both essential kidney health factors, is believed to be related to higher blood pressure and glucose metabolism.

4. Missing out on sleep.

A good night's rest turns out to be highly necessary not just for your general well-being, but also for your kidney function. Your sleep-wake cycles regulate the kidney activity and only renew the tissues of this organ as you sleep. But if your sleep is not enough, you avoid this process and raise the chance of injury to your kidneys.

5. Eating too much meat.

Animal protein contains strong blood acids that can destroy the kidneys, inducing acidosis—a disease in which kidneys are unable to get rid of acid quickly enough. Protein is essential to produce, sustain and rebuild all areas of the body, but fruits and vegetables can make a well-balanced diet.

6. Overusing painkillers.

Normal pain relief overuse can cause damage to the kidney and even complete renal failure. This can be because over-the-counter analgesics suppress your kidney blood supply and make your work worse, in particular, if you have kidney failure already. Also, do not ignore that painkillers can only be used for a brief period and at the lowest dosage, particularly though you suffer from extreme pain.


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